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AD5231 Digital Potentiometer

I showed the MOSFET driven resistor array earlier and while searching for digital potentiometers I found 2 that are SPI based on 10K. One is the MCP41010 with 255 steps, but the one I really liked is the new AD5231 with 1024 steps. They exist in 10K, 50K and 100K versions and provide a far…

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Analogue, Programmable PSU

This weird circuit is a programmable, analogue PSU. It is basically only a LM317 and an array with resistors and MOSFET’s so I can program the voltage out by selecting a combination of 10 resistors. This is not straight forward, but I can at least Select 10 preset values. In addition I use an ADC…

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Function Generator Hat

I need a function generator and I like AD9851. What I really would like is a Function Generator Hat with programmable +/- voltage like the diagram below: This is not impossible, but the DDS, Amplifier and Programmable PSU on a small Hat is not realistic. Or – well – I need to think about that…

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