PLC – PowerServo2 Working

First I managed to solder on the MCU the wrong way and secondly I did not manage to solder some of the pins – I am seriously looking forward to having PnP machines doing this job, but my first module is finally working after ca 7 hours of manual soldering. Leds and SWD is working at least 🙂

This module was a copy of PWM3 because I wanted something to test my 60kg Servoees with. It needs to be simplified to reduce production cost. I am using a 64 pin STM32G491 here that cost ca 10.- USD alone and will look into replacing that with a 48-pin RISC-V that cost 0.4 USD and remove some components and move the rest to the front side. I don’t need both CAN and RS485 and I can remove SW controlled relays for the terminators by moving them down to a watchdog on the motherboard. I would like to keep CAN-FD, but might degrade to CAN-HS for now. I don’t need the capacitor bank and this as well can be moved to the motherboard. Even the FRAM can be moved to the Watchdog/Motherboard to simplify modules. I need to finish testing on this and do the same on Ethernet/PWM3 + I want to test RISC-V toolchain/IDE before I decide on WCH MCU’s.

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