Problems and solutions

In my last entry I wrote about challenges with sizes on opto-couplers. I have since discovered  isolated digital IO modules with twice the density compared to opto couplers. They also offer 100Mbps speed and bi-directional solutions.

I recently used a version of this motor/gear with a Nema17 tor run the wheel on my mobile CNC machines and while it works fine it creates a problem : sound!

The printed plastic parts are hollow and a stepper motor vibrate a lot as it steps. This creates an unexpected load sound. The solution is a classic DC motor with an encoder (above) – I hope. Either that or see if I can mount some sound isolaters on the Nema17. I like the DC brush onces above thought because they are also smaller and more cost effective, the issue is if I have sufficient control of movement as with a Nema17. We will see.

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