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Expression Parser

One key component of any Parser is the Expression Parser. This one is used to parse mathematical or logical expressions into a list of micro-statements. Plain have a separate instruction to execute math, but the parser need to build the list correct. Example : 4 + 5 * 3 If we add 4+5 we get…

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Plain Assembler

The Assembler itself will read Plain source code and generate a RTL file that is downloaded to the device. RTL (Real Time Linker) is located on the target device and will convert RTL format to executable Plain VM instructions. Most modern Assemblers are very similar to Compilers. The main difference is that the Assembler have…

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Plain (Programming Language for AI Networks) is very different from Languages like Python, Java and C#. The only similarity is that they all are based on a Virtual Machine and all use C/C++ as native host language. One difference is that C++ is more openly integrated into Plain than Java and C#, while Python have…

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Ethernet Hat’s ESP32/HLK-7688A

I decided that I want to make 2 different Ethernet/Wifi modules With different purpose. With Raspberry PI it will be 3, but RPI and ESP32 overlap in functionality. ESP32 with Ethernet/Wifi/Bluetooth is a very attractive “Connector” solution where I can add more connections by adding multiple Hat’s. I can sadly only add a single Raspberry…

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STM32H743 Maturity

I managed to get STM32H743 running blinking some leds, but not without pain. STCubeIDE is able to download code, but fail on debugging. All in All I basically conclude that H7 is not sufficiently mature yet! This is not about the MCU, but tool, toolchain, drivers and everything around it.  

ST Firmware Quality Sucks

Well – I got a STM32H743 Nucleo kit yesterday and wanted to autogenerate code for it from CubeMX (or STCubeIDE more exctly) – out of the box – it generates code that DOES NOT COMPILE on an eval kit. Sadly this is not the first time, it has become more the rule than the exception.…

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I decided to have a look at the STM32H7x3 series running at 480Mhz. The Nucleo board uses the 144 pin ZI version, but they also have a 100 pin V version. 100 pin is attractive because it gives me access to external memory, Ethernet and more + if I should go for a 100 pin…

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Ethetnet Switch Hat

I just received HLP-7688A module and looking at the size I must admit that I tempted to create a Switch/Router in Hat format. I am not os sure about the SPI on this, but it has 2 UART’s, so assuming I can control the code on the Linux module this could be interesting with Wifi…

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