PnP – Part 2 – Identifying and ordering parts

Identifying and ordering parts is difficult because the part list is not fixed. My first thought on Camera modules was that I needed to go for expensive, high quaity cameras, but reading tells me a 720P camera is sufficient and that higher resolutions just makes the process slower. Anyway – I decided for some 10.- USD camera modules from GXIVISION because they have everything from 1MP Camera to 16MP camera in the same format – this is USB and UVC Compliant, meaning they will fit Windows, Linux, MAC etc + the modules are easy to mount.

What lense to use? No idea – I ordered 1.3mm, 4mm and 6mm – will see if I can get som extra lenses that cost ca 5.- USD each. I probably spent 50,. USD on cameras – twice as much as I would have needed because I want to experiment. I will provide a more detailed BOM and reference to parts I use later.

I still need a few parts and have a total PO out for just about 400.- USD – actually very good. But, I more or less expect to miss some out meaning I will order most parts now and have to re-order a lot as I start mouning in ca 6 weeks time. This is a learning process

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