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As mentioned before it is easier to blog about HW than SW, more to show. But, that is about to change because BSA is very visual once it runs. The screen below is just a demo/test for Save/Load functionality and once that is working I can easier blog actual about diagrams. I must admit it was nice having a short break from BSA because this project have lastet 1,5 years now and it is a lot left todo. But, I do hope I can have a consistent demo that you can download sometime in early 2023.

1-2 days more and Save/Load should be working, meaning I can start on an example code generator next. The way to test save/load is to create something, save it and then load it to see if it is loaded. And then I save it again on a different file and compare files. I also add a lot of integrity testing as I load – in case of any error I decline to load with an error message. The saved file is XML alike so the user can edit it manually.

In the future I will add JSON format as well, but XML was easier for nw since I had a tailored parser already.

Happy x-mas and a happy new year!

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