PLC Power Servo

I am quite found of using 60 to 150Kg Servo units, but driving those units is an issue as I need a RF Signal and a 12V PSU capable of 5A. The example board below contains a separate DC/DC so I can deliver 8V and 12V with a single cable for those larger servo’es – it also contains an on/off switch and current sensor so I can monitor how they behave.

As always in this new series of modules – full galvanic isolation. The picture below (borrowed from AliExpress) show¬† typical target servo. These are a bit difficult to drive if you have several of them as a they use a bit of current and the worst one is as you switch power on. With the driver board above I can create a start sequence and monitor their power usage. The module can be used on smaller Servo’s needing 5V as well.

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