BSA – Modbus the easy way

Reading/Writing Modbus in BSA is very easy.

  1. You define a ComLink a set it to Auto – just specify parameters (that I forgot above). the parameters will in this case be fixed as you need to connect Open to set them.
  2. Define modbus Tables. Each modbus Table define an area of registers that are connected so that they can be read or written by asingle Select or Update. In this example I have 5 registers starting at 30000 and 4 starting at 31000.
  3. Execute a Select. In the Select you chose ComLing and ModbusTable, so you need two selects. The select is in this case executed on a timer once per sec.

That’s it. I set this up in less than a minute so did not change register names etc, but you will have the most complex Modbus maps set up in < 30 minutes. The registers will now be cashed in your application in RAM tables that you can access and use from other logic of HMI.

This is an abstracted Modbus interface, so I will add another with full access to all messages. But, the Modbus interface above is very fast and easy to work with. This is an excellent example where I know BSA will work out well by accelerating the way you work with an x factor.

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