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Hat With 12 individual PWM signals capable of 60V and 2A. Each equipped With an independant, high side current sensor and separate terminal output With PWM and Ground. Perfect for running small 3-Phase or Stepper motors With full current sensing.

KiCAD 3D Model

This shows and early draft of rev 1.4 on KiCAD using their normal 3D model. KiCAD have a more realistic version that is a bit slower to draw, but for all poractical purposes it does the job. Accurate details is IMO not important here, the objective is to verify as much of the mechanics as…

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PWM12 rev. 1.3 Draft

Started to make a few modifications on PWM12 Rev 1.3. replaced spring terminals with 2.54 pitch screw terminals. Discovered that if I mount them on the edge I can access the screws. And I did not like the spring terminals at all. Also removed the 5V connector and added SPI resistors.

Crappy connectors

I have used these on the PWM12 Hat and the one I have mounted was worn out after 3-4 times of inserting and removing a wire! I am not impressed!

PWM Abstraction Layer

Designing a PWM Interface is easy, but using ST’s “HAL” layer requires a bit of testing. A friend of mine decided to write his own drivers because he believe ST’s drivers are over-complicated and too low level. I agree, but I prefer to make my own C++ Abstraction Layer on top of the drivers. So…

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DRV8313 Bug Found

This puzled me because the 4 circuits on PWM12 was copied from the working motor controller, but looking at the schematics I suddenly realized that 3.3V out from the buck converter is connected to ground – which explains why I draw 10mA++ extra current and why the internal logic don’t respond – it was shorted.…

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Trapzoidal w/DRV8313

This screen shot is from MC3X60V3A that also uses DRV8313. I fired it up and looked at code because I need a reference as I try to understand the errors I have on the PWM12 board. I use the same circuit, so I am puzled. Trapsoidal algorith is a 6 step brute force algorithm where…

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12 x PWM Hat

  I have so many Hat’s by now that I try to make some systematic documentation on them. This drawing is part of what I call “Annotated Schematics” to document the design and collect notes needed for working on the Hat. This example is one of my more powerfully Hat’s as it contains 12 separate…

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PWM12 – Current Sensor

I have started assembling the first PWM12 board and this is the current sensor I use. It will probably work ok, but the circuit lack two important components. One a small capacitor between CSense and ground and secondly a TVS between the same. The reason is I could have needed those to protect the MCU…

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