BSA – GIT Integration

I will implement some support for source code control in BSA, but this has two major challenges:

  1. My repository is XML and XML & GIT have never been good friends. GIT can be messy even on classic source code, but it realy can be confusing on XML. I am writing the save file as we speak and making the XML as clean and readable as I can, but this will be an issue.
  2. I am not convinced that work done in BSA can be reversed out of order using GIT due to the complex nature of the repository. It is after all a database in XML format and integrity between content needs to be maintained.

This has also been a major issue with all other tools using XML. I think I can address #1, but #2 will be a challenge. One solution is to have a very good “undo” feature and my own automated log and merge log. This also comes down to one very important feature – multi-user control – several developers working on the same system.

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