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W5500 Schematics

  I am not sure where I wanna use this W5500 circuit, but the nice thing is that KiKad makes this a module I can re-use. This actually is the reference schematics.

BasicPI OS Started

Kind of cool – using USB as console on XPortHub – notice all the init messages before the USB starts. Just a buffer tricks. The “Terminal” is a simple C# app that open a port, read/write. I will upgrade it to a proper CLI later. This is maybe the most important part of the infrastructure…

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Modular Control System

This drawing is an overview of the Hat’s in progress. A few is only on the planning stage, but most electronics is on prototype level and SW is coming on. Raspberry PI is the obvious core if I need heavier processing. Due to the nature of it’s SPI I can only connect one of these…

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BasicPI Firmware Stack

This illustrates the BasicPI Firmware Stack in progress. What I always do in embedded applications is to make a “standard” main.cpp as follows: void AppInit() {    // wire hardware } int main() {    AppInit();    // start OS } A team I worked in years ago agreed on this standard so we should…

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XPortHub Rev 1.2 Annotated

  CAN CAN RS485 RS485 Terminal switch for CAN & RS485 USB Micro SD Card SPI Flash RTC Battery Power connector I2C SPI TTL UART RS232 RS232 Raspberry PI Connector STM32F405RG SWD Connector Changes from Rev 1.0 1 Corrected wrong SPI Flash package 2 Added resistors to SPI 1 to support Half-Duplex SPI 3 Replaced…

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easyIPC Dev Setup 1

My next task is to get SPI working on the backbone of my modular control system, so I have assembled 2 x XPortHub’s both connected to a separate ST-Link. One the Hub’s have a RS485 used as debug port, but I intend to bring up USB ports on these later. The picture above show both…

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Protocol Analyzer – Part 1

The protocols I use on CAN, serial, Ethernet, Wifi are all part of a easyIPC package designed to co-exist in a complex network. This is at the core of the systems and I need a tool that can visualize the messages that pass on various levels. This tool is called a “Protocol Analyzer” and without…

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XPortHub changes

I have not tested everything yet, but rev 1.1 of XPortHub need a few changes: correct package on serial flash. wap sequence on dip switch. replace battery with a proper battery holder. Can be mounted on back-side if needed. This also fix the short-cut here. Test Power Connector. I have a 2-pin connector that is…

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