Author: Jan

PScript – Part 9 – Streams

Both Ethernet, UART, USART, USB, SPI, I2C, I2S and CAN might be used as a serial 2-way, buffered byte stream. This is an important abstraction as it allow for an easy, uniform usage of byte streams regardless of underlying technology. To support this I create the same interface on all technologies and an object “stream”…

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3D Position System

A module like ZED-F9P cost 148.- EUR and cover all these with an accuracy of 10 cm. The cost of thus module is currently a limitations, but cost will come down. I am more interested in the fact that it announce 10cm accuracy which open up a lot of usability options. The classic 2.5 meters…

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PScript – Part 6 – Datatypes

I have decided on a set of datatypes that I want to support. bit Bit is a 1 bit data variable. Used as a separate variable it will minimum be 8 bits, but used inside a record it get bit packed. uint8 8 bit unsigned integer int8 8 bit signed integer uint16 16 bit unsigned…

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