Category: 60V 50A 3-Phase Driver

3KW 3-Phase Outrunner

This pic is of a 6368-190KV while I just received a 6368-280KV – a 3KW Outrunner BLDC w/Hall Sensors that costed me 60.- USD all in all. This will be my 3-phase test motor on the 3KW Motor controllers thought while my controller is max 60V @ 50A these motors have a spec 36V @…

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3-Phase 50A Modifications

I want to attempt a few changes on this 3-phase controller. Remove the 3rd current sensor marked in red at top. Remove the output holes at right and take the output directly from between the MOSFET’s. Add at least 1 temperature sensor. I can use more space between MOSFET channels and maybe squeeze in the…

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60V 50A 3-Phase Driver

This is a specialized 3-phase driver that uses DRV8301. It is more narrow than the 4 channel design and not so complicated to build. I did this design before I did the larger 4 channel design so it is several things on this design I improved on the 4 channel design. Temperature sensors are still…

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