Category: 60V 50A 3-Phase Driver

ISO1042 Galvanic CANbus

I recently discovered this chip (ISO1042) and wanted to share a circuit I found. This circuit is excellent, but it has two flaws: Firstly you need a small isolation coil 10-20uH between ISO 1042 and VCC1. This act as a filter so that higher frequencies used by the buck converter in ISO1042 do not disturb…

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Buck Converter working

Soldered up a new board just to realize that DRV8301 was bust as well, so replaced DRV8301 and Buck converter is actually working. I am getting 3.4V just enouth for SPX3819 to give 3.2 out and the MCU ticks at 168Mhz. Looking at datasheet I also see that I have done correctlt – EN_BUCK should…

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Frequency Interference

Testing Thunderstick I started to notice strange behavior as I increased MCU frequency – in fact I am unable to tick the MCU above 84Mhz powered from the DRV8301 Buck Converter. This indicate that I have interference between the Buck Converter and the MCU on higher frequencies. To prove my case I powered the board…

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