GX16-8 Footprint and 3D

I created the footprint for GX16-8 and updated the 3D with a few details. I will see if I can add the thread as well. I quite like these connectors, but I am a bit concerned that I only find them on one source on Aliexpress + I realized that these connectors have a different pin position than the “normal” ones. The later means I have no source for waterproof plugs as is. We will see what I do, but I will stick with these for now.

Below is an example of GX16-8 in use on an Ethernet module. The 3D model only lack the threads, but I will see if I can add those. These pictures are from KiCAD and the way I have set the projects up means I do a change, press a few update buttons and voila. And as said earlier – a 3D package on a electronic part don’t need to be perfect as long as the importamt parts are correct. FreeCAD and KiCAD both require some training and patience, but they both work great.

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