Category: Embedded Development

PLC Main Module

The “Main” or Central Computer if you like is basically a large MCU with 3 x CAN ports and 10 x Modul links. It only need a 5V PSU and can be used stand-alone or combined with other modules to form a larger entity. The central computer controls the entire system of both internal and…

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GX16 KiCAD 3D and Footprint

I will upload these packages on github (here) because it is 2 days wasted work having to draw them and I depend on others publishing their 3D packages myself. Just be aware that these are Beta – their accuracy is subject for testing.  I will draw the last five as I get them. Have fun.…

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GX16 Connectors

I fancied using GX16 connectors in a project since they are low cost, robust and can be made water proof. I found 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 12 pin versions with bend pins so they can be mounted directly on a PCB and fixed to a panel. But, what I did not find was 3D models for KiCAD,…

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Mobile PLC

I have lately had the priviledge of working with two vendors of mobile, electrical vehichles – one used a self-developed system designed for volume production series, the other was a larger industrial vehiche on prototy level where they started with a standard PLC and a small cabinet. Usage of a standard PLC “kind of works”,…

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I was warned ny JLCPCB that my boards had some strange pad’s – looking at KiCAD I notice the issue above. These via’s are set to have Pad on connected layers only and KiCAD screws up. If I click on the via it correct itslef. Will be interested to see if this board works at…

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Modular PLC – Bus example

Illustrating a possible PCB bus board 90mm x 150mm. I have also played around with alternative sizes, but I like the small 25mm x 45mm and the scalability I got here. The drawback is cost as each module will need a 12.- USD MCU at core.