Category: Embedded Development

UML State Diagram

UML State Diagram is a standard, but I find it’s implementation into tools to be wage. So, I implement my own adaption because I intend to have a 1:1 with actual source code. This is not uncommon as most automation tools will have to make adaption in areas where executable accuracy is weak. I was…

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UML Designer

Just showing a test diagram on the UML State Engine Designer I am making. It is stoll lots of work and details left, but progress is actually going fast the days I work on it. As for now this is just an experiment. A state engine can visualize some top level flow, but the details…

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Ordering new PCB’s

It is soon 1.jan.2020 and Norwegian import rules changes, meaning I basically get MVA and a 20.-USD handling fee on every package unless I get the foreign company to declare MVA. It will be a pain and take some time before this happens. Ordering parts from Asia will be close to impossible unless you order…

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Making a LED Lamp

I am a bit handicapped as my Lamp with a magnifier broke. I was using that all the time, but having seen how badly designed that it I decided to rebuild both of my lamps to be LED lamps. What I will do is to buy a 130VAC to 12VDC adapter in a shop (or…

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Plain (Programming Language for AI Networks) is very different from Languages like Python, Java and C#. The only similarity is that they all are based on a Virtual Machine and all use C/C++ as native host language. One difference is that C++ is more openly integrated into Plain than Java and C#, while Python have…

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Ethernet Hat’s ESP32/HLK-7688A

I decided that I want to make 2 different Ethernet/Wifi modules With different purpose. With Raspberry PI it will be 3, but RPI and ESP32 overlap in functionality. ESP32 with Ethernet/Wifi/Bluetooth is a very attractive “Connector” solution where I can add more connections by adding multiple Hat’s. I can sadly only add a single Raspberry…

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STM32H743 Maturity

I managed to get STM32H743 running blinking some leds, but not without pain. STCubeIDE is able to download code, but fail on debugging. All in All I basically conclude that H7 is not sufficiently mature yet! This is not about the MCU, but tool, toolchain, drivers and everything around it.