Category: 30V 20A Motor Driver

BasicPI Firmware Stack

This illustrates the BasicPI Firmware Stack in progress. What I always do in embedded applications is to make a “standard” main.cpp as follows: void AppInit() {    // wire hardware } int main() {    AppInit();    // start OS } A team I worked in years ago agreed on this standard so we should…

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30V 20A++ Driver

This is the backside of the 30V x 20A Motor Driver and the red lines are the main power paths. The lower left one is the + path, while the top, angeled is GND. The later will be merged into ground plane so it get a bit extra help. But, these are the paths I…

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New 30V/20A Motor Driver

The first draft of rev 1.1 of 30V 20A Motor Driver. The differences are that I replaced the DC/DC with a 78M12 (linear regulator) for simplicity and cost, replaced INA210 with INA193/INA194/INA195, added 2 temperature sensor on-board and replaced connectors with te smaller JST Micro connectors. I also combined 3 connectors to one. I also…

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