30V 20A Motor Controller

This is my old universal motor controller that actually worked quite well. The main challenge I had was dodgy MOSFET’s. As I moved on I also moved to 60V and 50A + a Hat design that is a bit larger, but I have been thinking about updating this smaller design as well.

Todo on rev 1.2:

  • Max 30V, meaning 24V
  • Max 20A. I think 15A is more realistic, but the MOSFET’s can handle very large puse currents.
  • 4 separate Half H-Bridges as before
  • 4 BEMF sensors
  • 4 Current sensors. Revision 1.0 uses INA210, but I want to swap that for INA193/INA194.
  • Simplify some filters because we can do them in SW.
  • Replace PSU with 7812.
  • Replace LM1117 with SPC3819
  • Add connectors for caps on top.
  • Add 2 temperature sensors between MOSFET’s.
  • Replace connectors with JST Micro.
  • Add space between Shunt and connectors.
  • Remove 6 screw holes.
  • RS485 as before, but see if I can add CAN and TTL UART.
  • Export more spare IO.

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