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Testing a 50A Motor Controller

One of the good things about MC4X60V50A (or steampunk controller if you like) is that MCU is powered separately from the MOSFET driver part. This enables me to use a USB, power the MCU and write test code without worrying about the 3KW driver part. For actual testing I can settle with smaller motors to…

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70 down, 87 to go

I want a pick & place machine! That 50A Driver is 157 components. It is my largest and most complex design so far, but 157 components is a lot to assemble by hand – just so I can blow it up later 🙂

Worn out Pick & Miss Machine

I decided to use the IR Heater for this board, so in the process of manually applying paste and placing components. Got the large components on, but still miss the 0603 o-fun. This is much harder work than it looks sitting there trying to get components you hardly can see placed. Actually have to rest…

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Ground Plane Broken

Bugger – checking ground plane integrity I realize that it is broken. The green areas have component grounding, but the 3D showed that it was connected – the real PCB is however not connected. I should have forced a track here to ensure that this was connected, but I will solder a wire on the…

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Ground Plane

I did the PCB for this motor controller before I moved on to do a lot of other Hat’s and added it to a batch as I ordered PCB’s later. I obviously did not spend much time looking over the design. Looking at the capacitors I realized that ground plane was broken between capacitors and…

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Adding PCB Spacers

This shows the actual board with an extra long (11mm) PCB extender. This works fine, so I think I will just stick to this solution. I still have to test with heat-sink’s added thought.

Out of connector space

It’s fun to assemble a Hat as complicated as a 4-channel Motor Driver the first time, but you need to be prepared for a few surprices. I spaced out 4 connectors to be able to test each channel better and the intention was to add JST Micro connectors. But, as I only used 1.27 headers…

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