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J4 at right is the SWD connector. This can be reduced to 3 pins (SWCLK, SWDIO and GND), but it is wise to include Boot0, nRESET and 3.3V. I have painted SWCLK and SWDIO lanes in light red – those are the important ones that needs to be kept as short as possible. The only…

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W5500 Schematics

  I am not sure where I wanna use this W5500 circuit, but the nice thing is that KiKad makes this a module I can re-use. This actually is the reference schematics.

Fiber Modules

Fiber modules have been around for some years. The picture below show a 14.- USD 8 x Ethernet/2 x Fiber Mux/Switch that can be found on AliExpress etc. I have also seen smaller modules and 16 x Ethernet modules in the same price range – also boxed versions. The interesting thing about these is that…

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C#/.Net Dark Theme

Working on HMI in C#/.NET is fun, but it is a large task to get dark themes right. Below is a list of components that I want to complete: clEditCtrl Simple text edit control. clHScrollBar Horizontal Scroll Bar. clObjectEditor Advanced grid alike editor to edit an “object” with a tree of items. clPopUpMenu Classic pop-up…

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CANopen/SIIS2 – Part 1

The industry around me is a heavy user of CANopen (SIIS2) which is the “Subsea” version of a CAN protocol. CANopen is similar to Modbus, but it offer more functionality. It is also a more complicated protocol stack that tend to cost from 5-15K USD depending on content. I have written CANopen protocols in the…

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Dark Theme in C#

Many modern applications use custom theme/styles, but this is actually far more difficult to implement than you would expect on Windows. Windows have a lot of standard GUI components where you can control most, but not all colors and styles. So, if you want dark theme you either need to buy a library or start…

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