Author: Jan

PScript Interpreter

I draftet a specification for a PScript interpreter some time ago and have implemented a minimalistic version. Basically I am down on very small footprints using only 1020 bytes SRAM to execute a decent size script. I actually think I will try implementing this on an Arduino Uno just for fun, it is that small.…

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XPortHub3 – Draft

I use XPortHub1 a lot, but have not assembled XPortHub2 with Ethernet yet. What I would like is a XPortHub with radio and I am thinking of 5Km LoRa. With that I could use this as the master on my robots. I also need a SPI Flash or something to store config. I can as…

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XPortHub3 w/Watchdog

I decided to start making some changes to the DeviceBus experiment. Basically I squeezed the function up in the right corner. Next I will replace RS232 with 2 x RS485 and add a LoRa or maybe Wifi and LoRa. I have little usage for Wired Ethernet on mobile devices, but I do lack radio options.