Programmable Function Generator


Assuming I create one Hat with AD9851 and a second with an analogue, programmable PSU and a 3rd with an amplifier this project suddenly becomes very realistic. I doubt that I can get all I need on one Hat and an analogue low noise  +/- 24V PSU is actually so awesome that I would like one anyway.

AD8008 is a SO8 size amplified that support 5-15V and ca 100mA up in high frequencies. I will need a different solution for +/- 24V out, but I will return to the amplifier Hat.

I might also use AD8008 for high frequency 3.3V/5V signals and simply settle for <300Khz or something on the more powerfully amplifier focusing on audio channels.

I need to find time for some breadboard experiments before I start on this + I need to look for solutions to higher frequencies on the amplifier Hat. It will be much cheaper to just go and buy a 2-channel DDS ready boxed, but where is the fun in that 🙂

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