60V 50A 3-Phase Driver

This is a specialized 3-phase driver that uses DRV8301. It is more narrow than the 4 channel design and not so complicated to build. I did this design before I did the larger 4 channel design so it is several things on this design I improved on the 4 channel design.

  • Temperature sensors are still external on this one.
  • No smart way of adding capacitors on Power In.

The intention with the 3mm air wires on the back was to have heat-sink on the top. I later realized that I will be better off using a heat-sink on the PCB on the back, but that is an assembly change. I can also shorten this by 1cm by removing the air wires at right and take the output directly from between the MOSFET’s.

The total size of this is 25mm x 100mm and I have a heat-sink for this, so it’s an awesome design. It will sustain ca 50A, but can go higher for a short moment. This design is also very close to the Vedder ESC design so we can borrow that source code with minor modifications.

The one change I am considering is the temperature sensor(s). I seriously would like them on the PCB, so lets see. I have not ordered PCB for this yet because I am considering a few changes + I want to build the 4-channel design first.

Comparing this with the more universal 4 channel I must admit that this has one advantage – size.

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