60V 2A Motor Driver


This is a micro controller using DRV8313 which basically is 3 x Half H-Bridge drivers in a chip supporting 60V and 2-3A out. The design is excellent for a 3-phase driver, DC Motor or solenoids and work perfectly.

The initial version had an issue with the 60V DC/DC that needs to be fixed. DRV8313 have a 10mA PSU, but this is not sufficient to drive the MCU and CAN Interface. The pics are from testing on DC/DC notice the capacitor “Tower” at left. These are the fix for the DC/DC.

Located on this is also Hall Sensor interface and some IO options. I will add a rev 1.1 of this. The MCU is either STM32F103 or STMF303. The picture show early testing of the DC/DC only. This is a bit larger that the DRV10983 base driver, but it is so much more fun to be able to drive the 3-phase from the MCU.

I need to modify DC/DC and I also want to add at least 1 phase current sensor to be able to drive the motor better. DRV8313 have capability for 3 x phase current sensors and STM32F303 have PGA etc. But, looking at that Board I also realize that I am out of Space.

  1. 60V 2A
  2. CAN Interface
  3. STM32F303CB or STM32F103CB/C8
  4. DRV8313
  5. Hall Sensors
  6. GPIO pins

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