Insane MOSFET’s

Searching on Arrow’s pages I found 3 MOSFET’s in SOP Advance package that have insane ratings.

  • 2.         40V 246A Rds=1mOhm 1.2 USD
  • 3          45V 280A Rds=0.8mOhm 1.4 USD
  • 3.         30V 280A Rds=0.65mOhm 1.3 USD

Actual limit is more like 150A with a pulse drain of 500A in accordance to datasheet. But, look at the RDS on that 30V MOSFET – 0.65mOhm. With a power dissipation of ca 1W as a hand-rule that means almost 40A without a heat-sink if my calculations are correct. Lets try them out!

I ordered 10 of these to test because they are very attractive for a 12V/24V design where you benefit from higher currents. I have no intention of even trying their datasheet limit as I am more interested in the range 15-50A which should be well within their capabilities.

FedEx has been nice and responsive and they basically told me how to avoid getting slammed with extra toll fee’s, so they are forgiven 🙂

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