BLDC Stick 60V/50-160A

Looking for Power MOSFET’s I found (and bought) some Toshiba ones in SOP-8 format supporting 60V and 160A with 1.9mOhm RDS. This makes me believe I can make a very, small motor stick that can support 50A or higher with a little heat-sink and 30A without a heat-sink. Power dissipation is 4.75W at 50A, and this will be split over 3 sets of MOSFET’s on a 3-Phase.

This mock-up illustrates what I am thinking. A narrow stick < 10cm long and < 30mm wide supporting a 3KW BLDC motor. With Power MOSFET’s that actually are rated much higher and peaks up in 400A it comes down to 2 questions (1) can I get that currents off and (2) can I get rid of the heat?

  1. Communication Connector for CAN and RS485.
  2. Tranceivers.
  3. MCU
  4. Gate Driver DRV8301
  5. MOSFET Array
  6. 3 phase U,V,W
  7. Power input

I am back to using a single, very small board. But, I must admit that this option fascinates me. I have already bought the MOSFET’s so I can as well try making the stick. This would actually be an awesome motor controller.

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