TI Motor Controller

I bought this kit consisting of a C28027F launchpad and a booster for DRV8301 with 10A MOSFET’s some time ago. Costed me a fortune in P&P and Tax. I have never done anything With it, but as Code Composer now is free I thought I should give it a try since I plan using DRV8301.

This is a complete Motor Controller  with motor driver software, so basically you just need to write a few lines of code and off you go – in theory 🙂 I am not so familiar with TI processors as I am with STM32, so will be interesting.

TMS320F28027F have 64Kb Flash,16K ROM, 12KB RAM. 32 bit core, a single UART and SPI. Running at 60Mhz it should be comparable with the low end Arm M3. What makes this so interesting is that it comes in LQFP48 and TSSOP32 packages with Motor driver algorithm in ROM. This is a very dedicated Motor Control MCU.

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