100A Controller Mechanical Draft

This is a mechanical mock-up made in PowerPoint just to illustrate some ideas. I move MCU and Gate Driver Logic (DRV8301) to a separate controller board that can be reused. This will require a clever interface between controller and driver, but be generic for 60V designs of some size. On this we can add bread-board friendly pin connectors, USB and debug facilities. It is often preferable to play around with a controller on a bread-board without driver due to the effects.

  1. Separate Controller board with MCU and DRV8301.
  2. Com connectors to left. Not sure if I want this on Driver or Controller.
  3. Driver board at bottom with only power electronics like MOSFET’s and special wiring to deal with currents etc.
  4. Heat-sink or metal frame acting as heat-sink.
  5. MOSFET’s with back down to heat-sink. Use isolation and screw holes that push the MOSFET to the heat-sink.
  6. Thick 3-phase and power cables.
  7. 2-3mm air wire for currents and shunts.
  8. Capacitor laid down on back.

I am sceptical to a few things here, but it will be fun to play around With DRV8301 anyway, so why not. And the way things have been going with MC4X24V15A and some 70 wasted MOSFET’s  (bad batch) I think it will be good to have a dev concept. I can always route specialized PCB’s later.

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