MC4X3ACAN BLDC Controller – Annotated

These small, advanced controllers are a bit more work to route than you expect, but I managed to add two extra connectors as well.

  1. J1 – 4 pin 2.54 pitch connector with Power and CAN.
  2. 4x 2mm mounting holes.
  3. 60V to 3.3V DC/DC regulator TMS54060.
  4. Power Led.
  5. J6-Analogue or SPI connector.
  6. Status Led.
  7. DRV8313 with build in Gate Driver and MOSFET supporting 8-60V and 2.5A.
  8. J3-Motor and Hall Sensor connector.
  9. J4-Digital IO/UART Connector.
  10. J2-SWD Connector.
  11. STM32F303CB with 128Kb Flash, 40Kb SRAM. Full 32bit M3 Arm ticking at 72Mhz.
  12. CAN Tranceiver supporting SN65HVD233, but can also use SN65HVD230. 1Mbps and slope control as well as 3-state and programmable loopback (HVD233 only).
  13. J5 – optional 120 Ohm terminal resistor for CAN Network.
  14. Extra holes on power to add large capacitor needed for motors.

It will be around 2 months before I can work on this, but I should get a new batch of MOSFET’s for MC4X15A arriving any day allowing me to continue on this controller while I wait for this one.

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