CAN/RS485-Wifi Adapter

I have mentioned that I need a dual CAN to Wifi Adapter as well as a dual RS485 to Wifi adapter, so I decided to make one that can serve both needs. This uses ESP32 to get Wifi, USB and Bluetooth and a STM32F405RG to get dual CAN as well as dual 10Mbps RS485 – all galvanic isolated.

The CAN Adapter is for professional usage, while the RS485 is partly as an adapter to my PLC system as well as a Wifi adapter to my DPS5005 & DPS5020 based PSU’s.

Layout on this was a bit tricky due to the size of the 9-pin D-Sub connectors and I am not done, but the current draft look very promising. Hopefully I will have this in rev 1.0 around October. Size is 100 x 70mm.

I actually started end partly developed a different adapter last time I needed CAN. I never finished that design, but much of the design is tested, verified and reused here. The only missing part is wired Ethernet.

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