ESP32 Oscilloscope & Logic Analyzer

Most of my Oscilloscope & Logic Analyzer needs are on frequencies below 1Mhz, and ESP32 have 16 12-bit ADC channels, so it would not take much to create a 16 channel low frequency Oscilloscope/Logic analyzer. This is why I bought a ESP32-WROVER dev kit. Wrover have 4Mb SRAM as well as all the features of ESP32.

Max sampling rate on ESP32 is 2Msps. The details here are not well documented, but if we assume a minimum of 10 samples per Hz we should be able to sample frequencies up to 200Khz. Even more interesting is that ESP32 contains support of programmable Gain through it’s logic pad’s. Again I must state that my knowledge in this area is limited and so it doc on the subject, so I need to experiment and see what I can achieve.

The good thing is that all I need is a breadboard and a kit costing 10.- USD to test this out. No guarantees, but it will regardless be interesting playing with the ESP32 ADC channels.

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