PSU 36V / 5V

I purchased this for < 12.- USD and tried it as a driver stage for DPS5020. It works fine. It is small and perfect for a 0-35V / 0-6A “bread & butter” lab PSU. The DPS5020 have a cut-off setting that I set to 6A. It cut’s the PSU if you by mistake allow more than 6A out to protect the driver stage. The driver is also short-cut protected.

  • Driver PSU : 12.- USD
  • DPS5005: 25.- USD
  • Box : 17.- USD
  • Mix: 10.- USD

That is 64.- USD for a single 0-35V / 0-5A and 101.- USD for a dual. And this Lab PSU will have far better spec than any of the “cheap” ones. Also keep in mind that DPS5005 is much smaller than DPS5020 as it hide the PSU inside the HMI unit.I notice that Input Voltage to DPS5020 variates with +/- 0.05 as I use the Driver at 5A. I will put a oscilloscope to see if I have ripple later.

I had to abort the test yesterday after ca 10 minutes because my load started to melt 🙂 – we have some awesome Lab PSU’s coming up. DPS5020 do have a small fan, but it has been silent so far.

Adjusting Voltage/Current on these modules are a joy- Just select V or A and turn the knob. Push the knob to change digit you adjust. With a MCU using ADC’s we have an accuracy on ca 0.02ich – which is pretty good compared to analogue PSU’s.

What we have not discussed so far is output filtering. With some of these giving 50V – 20A we will be giving 1KW out. That is 1KW that will spike back as 1000V with 1KW energy if we have coils/motors connected. We need to ensure that the PSU can protect both itself and the equipment we are testing.

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