DPS5020 Review 2

The interface on the UART is Modbus RTU. I managed to translate the document from Chinese to English yesterday, so it is uploaded on the download page. Running the top-side app was straight forward on Windows 10. I had a bit of issues with antivirus installing it, so had to switch that off. The graphs are cool, but the window scale is a bit short and it only update once a second. Testing current under load was however a beauty. Using 36V in (3 x 12V/10) I had no problems with 10A out – or more correctly my load and test wires did get hot.

DPS5020 Protocol Specification 1.2 can be found on the download pages here.

Using UART/Modbus as interface it will be straight forward to create a custom HMI module to add buttons and display graphs on the box without a PC.

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