SoC is easy

I see a lot of schematics and people who struggle with getting a STM32 working. I have only been working with F0, F1 and F4, but these SoC (System on Chip) MCU’s are dead easy to get working.

Basically they have internal oscillators so they only need 3.3V power. The F4 range also need VCAP capacitors – the number vary from MCU to MCU. F411 uses 1, F405 uses two etc – so check your datasheet it is well marked. I always use SWD, but you could also use Serial, SPI or CAN for downloading code. The capabilities vary from MCU to MCU, but I like SWD because it is only 2 pins + NRST + GND.

The important thing is – connect power and you should be able to download code. The main reason I struggle is short-cuts on PSU lines, so once you ohm your 3.3V ok – just expect it to work – repeating myself – it is┬ávery easy to get a STM32 ticking!

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