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Notes or comments are very usefully in any programming language, but they are often left out in graphical tools. BSA will add manual- and  auto- created notes. Manual Notes are Cyan by default and maintained manually as part of the diagram. The example above shows a mock-up diagram with possible notes at right. I need to experiment with colors, but those can be changed by user anyway. As BSA Compile a project it will also generate Warnings and Errors as any other compiler – these can be added to the diagram as auto-generated notes, meaning they dissapear with next compilation (or if they are switched off).

I will need a global Error/Warning list as well, but, in a graphical tool it makes a lot of sence visualizing these in the diagram as shown above. At the end of the day this is a comment added by yourself or BSA to assist you in you job, but this is smething I often miss in other tools.

The examples above lack an optional, dotted link to “State” – Auto-generated Error/Warning will need this to pin-point what object that cause the issue. And as mentioned you can remove all auto-generated stuff with a click – this is also important because sometimes you simply want to draw illustrations and not worry about executable details yet.

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