BSA – Integrating PScript

I will need an editor for PScript and the most obvious path is to integrate this into BSA as a building block. PScript evolved from an experiment into being a Plain Interpreter and this makes it easier because I can actually generate source code for other languages from PScript. Meaning you can write PScript and either use Plain, C++ or C# as your target platform – which can be done by either integrating PScript or generating target code.

Plain will change based on the experience with PScript. The VM I drafted for Plain is complicated and I realized that I probably can simplify things a lot by building a Compiler based on the Interpreter. I need to test this new idea a bit later, but the only difference between an Interpreter and Compiler is that an Interpreter execute source code, while a Compiler generate executable code – in Plain’s case I can actually generate C++ or C# etc.

Obviously I can also use PScript as is. This was intended as an Interpreter running embedded and I can easily create a C# or QML PScript component adding HMI libs. For C# I need to create a component that convert between natice C++ code and C#. With Qt I basically need to do the same. While Qt is C++ it has so many tweaks and separate datatype definitions that you end up converting C++ to Qt++. QML/JavaScript Integration comes on top of that.

As for PScript Editor we also need an integrated debugger, but lets take one step at the time. My first PScript editor will not impress anyone, but it comes a day tomorrow 🙂

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