ST/STM32 SW Quality

I have written about this issue before, but ST never fail to suprice me on their SW quality – crap that don’t work: Bugs, bugs and bugs!

I updated STM32CubeIDE to version 1.6.0 yesterday and discovered that the IDE fail to load the images – I had to default to STM32-Link Utility to be able to load the image. Reading on other peoples work I see that I now need to download OpenOCD.

I wanted to test a USBCAN created with STM32F105RB and auto-created a project using the newest HAL driver from ST – guess what – it does not compile, so I tried 1.8.2 and it does not compile, but finally 1.8.1 compiled out of the box – this is serious crap!

The third error is the USB. USB work straight up on other MCU’s, but not on STM32F105fRB – I can’t rule out that this is a HW fault yet, but I have this working on STM32F405RG so I think the answer is that I ditch STM32F105 from my designs.

Don’t take me wrong – I am a big fan of ST MCU’s, but I am a bigger fan of things that actually works out of the box and it’s been far to many critical issues with ST’s software quality over the years. This is not exacly the first entry I make about ST and their SW quality. They are not at the lever they need to be on!

STM32CubeIDE is great – they had one of the best debuggers I have seen. I use OpenOCD on different projects, so it will be interesting to see how this works out – but, ST’s debugger seemed to work much better with debugging on multiple projects – that was before they screwed it up. I actually re-installed from scratch yesterday as well. I will dig into OpenOCD latar,

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