CANopen/SIIS2 – Part 4, PDO Map

A PDO differ from a SDO in the sence that the COB ID is the message ID. In a single system you have 8 x 127 messages that can be PDO and only needs to be know by consumer and producer. A simple PDO Map can map directly to memory variables, but a more proper implementation will do so indirectly through SDO Index Map.

In a Static PDO Map this is assigned by Firmware at start-up, while in a dynamic PDO Map this can be configured with separate messages.

In terminology you have PDO, MPDO, RPDO, TPDO, but to keep it simple only use PDO. RPDO and TPDO are separate groups as you have 4  x RPDO and 4 x TPDO groups – how they are used is up to the device profile. MPDO (Multiplexed PDO) is something I have never used, so my knowledge about that is a bit thin (yet).

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