KiKad First Contact

I decided to make Rev 1.4 of the 32xServoIO using KiKad. One of many reasons for leaving Target 3001 and using KiKad is that I want to show more schematics out here. That has been difficult with Target 3001. The main reason is however cost – I use a free version of Target 3001 with some age and lack support for 4 layers etc. I will give you a summary of the experience once I know KiKad better.

One thing that can be said about KiKad is that it is much, much heavier to get started with than Target 3001. Things are different for sure – hopefully to the better once I get to know KiKad more.

What you see above is the bare minimum for ticking a STM32F405RG. In fact you can even drop the crystal if you don’t use USB.

And first point to KiKad – I actually can copy schematics out here now! I could before as well, but with some difficulty.

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