Thunderstick Annotated

I have a strong preference for making some doc I call “Annotated Schematics” as I start coding and making a project. This doc break up and explain the schematics, programming info etc and everything I basically need as a SW developer to get going. The annotation above is the 3D model annotated to show content and position on the PCB.

  1. RS485
  2. RS485 terimator
  3. CAN
  4. CAN Terminator
  5. MCU STM32F405RG
  6. IO Connector
  7. IO Connector
  8. SWD old 6 pin format.
  9. Power lane for 60V+. Designed to solder on a 3mm wire if needed.
  10. MOSFET array. 3 x Half H-Bridge as classic for 3-phase design.
  11. Ground power connector
  12. 2 x Shunts to measure currents.
  13. Drill holes to mount heat-sink.
  14. Power lane for ground to cMOSFET’s.
  15. 2 x Temperature sensors.
  16. Power connector for 60V+
  17. DRV8301 Gate Driver, Buck converter and Motor logic.
  18. PSU components. 5V from DRV8301 and 3.3V from SPX3819.
  19. Ceramic crystal 8Mhz.
  20. Hall sensor/IO connector.

Testing on Thurderstick have gone remarkable well. Downloaded code yesterday and will start spinning 1KW motors today on 30V. I only have 30V/10A PSU for the time being and that should be more than sufficient for now as focus will be on the getting sensors and motor algorithm working.

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