Eport Pro-EP10 – Linux in a RJ45

I just received an Eport Pro-EP10 and must admit that I am impressed about the form factor. This is a standard RJ45 just a little longer than a normal RJ45. but with a full Linux computer, RJ45 Ethernet and UART on the other end. It should run OpenWRT, but setting up the toolchain is a bit complex so I have not gone far. At a price of 19.- USD I think the unit is a bit expensive, but it is an  very interesting solution. The challenge I have is however to find pin layout of this module. The vendor have a lot of downloads, but noting describing the package and pin layout so I can wire it up yet. 

  • MIPS 32 bit CPU @320Mhz
  • 32Mb RAN, 16Mb Flash
  • Linux w/Ethernet and UART
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 400Kbps UART
  • All in a RJ45 Connector

I am currently using a Linux module in a contracted project and a gentle warning about how much work and know-how that is required to set-up and use a Linux core is on it’s place. Embedded Linux is awesome, but it is not a plug & play job to adapt a Linux kernel. This is the one reason I hesitate to dig into modules like this and rather go down Raspberry PI path. On Raspberry you get a ready to plug in distribution that is well supported. But, lets see what I find out. Products like this are awesome, but Asian Products sadly have a documentation issue. It is not much I can do without information about how to Connect this Device – pin layout.

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