DSO150 – 20$ Oscilloscope

This Oscilloscope took me by surprise. I ordered it mostly for fun, but it turns out to be very functional and easy to operate Scope in a multi-meter format. 200Khz actually cover a lot of the activities I do and by attaching a battery you get a very handy, single channel Oscilloscope in a handy form factor.

The best of it is that schematics is open Source, firmware is open Source and it’s a hidden UART inside the Scope opening some possibilities. The quality is not the best, but a lot of times I just need to see what happens on a channel and this does that job perfectly.

The picture above show the PCB with 2 x GPIO ports, SWD port and an UART port. The MCU used is STM32F103C8. You can also see the EEPROM programmable via I2C as well as the extra Power Connector at bottom left. Below the MCU you can also see 2 test-Points that accidentally is the USB port. The Connector at top right is for the analogue Board that click on to this. All in all a cute little design. The DSO150 that I got is obviously a cheap clone. What I have done is to attach a 9V battery so it becomes like a portable multimeter.

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