Difficulities with headers

This is the 2nd unit where I have not added header yet. I tried to manually solder on the capacitors, but failed so I tried the IR heater and realized that the unit was to tall to go in with the header so I soldered the unit that did not have a header yet. Looking at the header pins I realize that I will struggle to get solder tip to those pins. This will require some thought because it makes the board very hard to manufacture.

One idea that I will try out is to replace the 3 x 25V/1000uF with 4 x 16V/1000uF. I actually think they occupy less space and hight all in all.

I tried soldering those capacitors with heat gun, but simply could not even get the paste to melt. This is the first time ever I actually was forced to use the IR Heater.

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