Wifi Hat Working

Replaced ESP32 on the failing Hat and Wifi worked. Seems like I had my first ever failing ESP32 module. The Wifi Hat is No 2 from top. This stack includes (from top):

  • 7 x Stepper Hat
  • ESP32 Based Wifi Hat
  • XPortHub
  • XPortHub
  • Raspberry PI 3A+

I have 2 USB ports connected here and both show up correctly as Serial ports in Windows. I have a practical problem here programming the STM32F405’s in the middle of the stack – and moving to that 6 pin 1.27 pitch header might not be the smartest I have done. The intention was to mount a JST 6 pin Micro Header, but I had some challenges with the one board I tried this on. I need to set up a test with a MCU I trust and see how it works out.

To program this I probably will use Visual Studio for Raspberry PI, Arduino IDE for ESP32 and Eclipse for STM32. Whatever works! My next task is actually to get SPI working, so that will be interesting. I have never tested Half-Duplex SPI before.

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