LoRa/GPS Hat Annotated

  1. IPX Antenna for LoRa directly on the module.
  2. PCB Antenna for LoRa.
  3. Power leds + MCU Status.
  4. USB Connector for MCU.
  5. Separate Power connector.
  6. GPS Module. Can use NEO-6M, NEO-7M or NEO-8M.
  7. GPS Antenna.
  8. USB for GPS Module.
  9. UART TTL.
  10. SWD
  11. STM32F405RG. Powerfully ARM M4 capable of running MicroPython.
  12. Raspberry PI Connector.
  13. CAN Port.
  14. LoRa Module. 1W or 0.1W in 433/868Mhz area capable of up to 12km with up to 300kbps data-rate.

This board can function stand-alone, as part of a CAN stack or as a Raspberry PI Hat. LoRa and GPS can be switched off through separate power supplies.

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