Ethernet/Wifi Hat

I want an Ethernet module to by list of boards. I can always use Raspberry PI 2/3, but I would still like to make my own as well. In the past I have used W5500 a few times, but this time I want to dig into ESP32.

ESP32 already have the TCP/IP stack, it has Wifi/Bluetooth and an Ethernet interface. A few vendors have also show schematics for Ethernet on ESP32, so it makes sense upgrading my ESP32 Hat with Ethernet. I do have the space if I drop the RS485 etc. A quick check also tell me that I have the pins as well.

The Raspberry PI Header can be sacrificed if I need to. CAN is the backbone bus and this is most attractive if I want to replace Raspberry PI as Wifi/Ethernet GW.

This Hat is not a priority, but I will make it at some point.

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