Motor Controllers

Just a list of my designs targeting motors with new names so I can keep them apart.

Name Voltage Ampere Driver Type
MC2P12V1A 12V 1A DC Motor controller.
MC3P28V2A 28V 2-2.5A 3-Phase micro controller.
MC3X60V3ACAN 60V 2.5-3.5A New 3-Phase, 2-Phase or 3x Solenoid driver. Previously called MC3X3ACAN.
MC4X24V15A 24V 15A (21A) Stepper, 3-Phase, 2x 2-Phase or Solenoid Driver. This was previously called MC4X15A.
MC3P60V100A 60V 100A New 60V 100A Monster 3-phase design.
MC3S12V1A 12V 1A 3 x 5.wire Stepper Controller
MC8X2P12V1A 12V 1A 8x DC Motor Controller (Raspberry PI Hat)

RS485 is the default interface, if I use something else I will add a post-fix. I will adapt as we go, the only purpose is to avoid using “3 sentences” to explain what controller I write about.

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