PLC – 24 Channel PWM Driver

This show DRV8313 used as a PWM driver on a PLC Module. This way I can get from 12 to 24 PWM channels with up to 60V @ 2A each. This gives an insane combination of 8 x BLDC Motors, 6 stepper motors, 12 DC Motors and 24 Solenoids. I need to think about this one.

In comparison with my previous module with 8 channels this will be limited to 2A, while the other can support far higher currents. But, the reality is that most stuff is below 2A and this is far more usable (assuming we can put on 6-8 x DRV8313). I do however have a problem with 24 current sensors, so I probably need to install a current sensor on the board or one per DRV8313 – lets see. I am not sure I want to make this module, but I admit that it is very tempting.

Just a quick mockup of a PCB with main components and possible connectors just to illustrate that this is very possible. Another option is that I add 12 PWM channels at top and 16 or so Analogue channels at bottom on a combined card.

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