INA210 Tagging

I wanted to share this picture of a INA210 through a microscope. The size of this component is ca the same as a 0603 Component with 6 pins. It is small, but soldering it is not the issue – this bugger have 6 pins and where is PIN 1? I assume it is top left on the current picture, but smallest component I ever have soldered and unclear tagging – yeah – how fun.

 I was a bit worried about soldering these for hand, but that seems to be ok with a hot air nozle as long as I can see between the legs and avoid short-cuts. This is a SC70 package it is 2/3 of SC23, and to be honest a 6-pin SC70 – the diodes did not feel so bad as they had 5 pins, but this was a struggle. I think I should consider an alternative solution, but lets see how well this Works first.

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