Smart SPI Test Kit

This is the test suit for Smart SPI. This is an old pic, but I will upload a newer one showing RPI mounted behind the 32xServo and how we access SWD & Raspberry PI for development.

The mechanics of thos robot is dodgy, but it is a very good and fun test kit. I also have a different robot that we can have some fun with during testing using the 8x DC Motor hat.

Keep in mind that Raspberry PI Zero W provide both Bluetooth and Wifi – I only need battery added making this a very easy and scalable design.

Adding more Hat’sm we can scale up and we basically have a PLC style design with Raspberry PI as core. I have a few more Hat designs coming up, but once I have tested this I will try putting this into volum production through kickstarter.

I have no idea about prices yet, but I hope we can achieve ca 25.- USD or lower. This is no-profit, but the key is that I need volumes to push prices down. I also need to engange professionals for CE/FCC tests. I am not so worried about the later, as Wifi/Bluetooth is dealth with by 3rd party, and this is only a component – but, we need to test that we don’t have nasty signals by accident.

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