STM32 M3/M4 Rx Breakout

Mounted a 16Mhz crystal so ticking at 168Mhz HSE here. The oscilloscope is my DSO203 4 channel. I use it then I get tired of listening to the fan’s on the larger one. A better pic of the revision 1.2 breakout with a STM32F405RG below.

The 3D models below is actually the draft of revision 1.3. I decided to add a USB FS port and RTC 32.768Khz crystal as options. The USB connector is in no-one’s way if it’s not used and the RTC crystal can be removed. It’s capacitors are on the back. The reason I am adding these is because an USB is an excellent power connector + ST deliver SW to allow it to be used as a serial port. All of this is optional anyway.

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